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GoTracko shows the entire route covered by the user.

With GoTracko, you can easily track down the real time location of your employees, friends, and family members.
Now available on Play Store!

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GoTracko Features

Overseeing representatives travel, time and participation is troublesome. GoTracko makes it simple.Reports for the daily / weekly / monthly Kilometers driven by your employees.

About GoTracko

GoTracko is a comprehensive solution specially designed for employees working in the field. Live tracking and past history of employee movement, including total distance traveled on office timing. The Management is able to view the route taken by the employee on Google Map with halt time. Get a report on stop time summary to estimate the performance of the employee. GoTracko will work if phone is in Sleep or Standby mode and Importantly when network is not available

During working hours employer has every right to know where about of the employee and after working hour employee has every right to protect his privacy. During working hours all the activities done by the employee which can impact tracking, like GPS Off, Mobile Data Off etc. will be recorded in the system with time and location. With this approach employee activities are transparent to organization. With this approach rooting of the phone not required.

By knowing staff location company can transfer emergency work of that area and can help him in case of any problem. By full day route travel with time manager can judge his working in field. He/She can see that all given area he has covered or not and at what time. Company will get online attendance of all staff, so no need to do data entry and much time will be saved.


We love GoTracko. It has saved us a lot of time and money overall in our business. We get real-time info with GPS locations and schedules to our guys in the field!

Mark Williams - Developer

GoTracko has transformed keeping track of employee hours from a constant nightmare to an easy two to three click task. Printing time sheets for payroll couldn't be easier. Love it!

Andreas Bosch - CEO

This is awesome. Everything is extremely easy to use and read. You guys really did a good job keeping it simple.

Michael Speria - Manager

GoTracko is a simple, affordable, and highly productive platform from which any small business can easily and quickly streamline location tracking.

Sichael Speria - Manager

Pricing Packages

Basic Plan

₹​ 999.00
Per User Per Month
  • 1-5 Users
  • Cloud Storage
  • Email Support
  • Free Upgrade


₹​ 949.00
Per User Per Month
  • 6-25 Users
  • Cloud Storage
  • Email Support
  • Free Upgrade


₹​ 899.00
Per User Per Month
  • 26-100 Users
  • Cloud Storage
  • Email Support
  • Free Upgrade

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GoTracko easily helps in tracking down the real time location of your employees, friends, and family members.
Now available on Play Store!

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